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Other Characters: Clary Fray

Character Name: Lucifer Morningstar
Series: Lucifer
Timeline: S1E7
Canon Resource Link: Here

Character History:

Originally, Lucifer was called Samael, and he was God’s favorite angel.

Then, a very long time ago, Lucifer got kicked out of Heaven and was forced to manage Hell, where he spent an incredible number of years punishing with wicked for their actions during life. However, he eventually grew tired of this life and the job assigned him, and he left Hell, retiring to Los Angeles and opening up a nightclub named Lux, along with his very close demon friend, Maze.

During the next five years, Lucifer’s club became a profitable hit, he spread his influence throughout the city via various deals between himself and those in power, and indulged in his own lavish and hedonistic whims. He also had Maze cut off his wings to signify leaving his old life behind.

Fast forward five years later, and he finds himself strangely attached to a woman he made a deal with named Delilah. After convincing her to clean up her act and make something out of herself, she’s murdered outside his club. He meets a detective, Chloe Decker, during his pursuit of Delilah’s killer, and he quickly finds his new favorite activity of hunting down criminals and using his skills in punishment to deliver what he believes to be true justice.

He and Chloe often do not see eye-to-eye. Where he is very loose with the rules and the law, she is a hard and stoic police officer. In addition, Chloe seems immune to all of Lucifer’s ‘charms,’ which leaves him bewildered and, frankly, even more interested in her. Despite their differences, they do actually work well together, and their conflicting ways at looking at things allow them to find those responsible for the cases they begin to work together.

While originally, Lucifer shoves himself into places he doesn’t belong in order to find these criminals, eventually he uses his abilities on the police chief herself, and he becomes a civilian informant for the LPD so that he can more easily work with Detective Decker. While all of this is going on, both Heaven and Hell begin to work to try and get Lucifer to return to Hell, with Lucifer’s angelic brother, Amenadiel, joining forces with Lucifer’s bartender and demonic bodyguard of sorts, Maze, to try and find ways to get him to get back to where he’s ‘supposed’ to be. Needless to say, Hell is quite out of sorts without its leader, though Lucifer tells them time and time again he has no interest in ever going back.

Lucifer also begins seeing a therapist, Dr. Linda Martin, in order to work through his strange fascination with humanity. While their relationship starts out as being very unethical (he pays for his sessions by sleeping with her), she does seem to want to help him. Their sessions usually involve how Lucifer believes that there’s wrong with someone else, when he really just doesn’t understand human motives at times, though as the series progresses, each new complicated situation starts to have their own effects on him.

As Lucifer and Chloe continue to work cases together, Lucifer also develops feelings for her, which he finds difficult to process considering she’s the only one who’s ever denied him. Lucifer also meets Detective Decker’s daughter, Trixie, whom he is utterly confused by and tries desperately to stay away from, considering he finds children somewhat repulsive. He also meets her estranged husband, Detective Dan Espinoza, who he calls “Detective Douche.” This may give some insight into how much he likes Dan, which is really not at all, though this stems from his jealousy regarding Chloe.

Later, a crate goes missing in a warehouse, and it’s discovered that the crate belongs to Lucifer himself. When they find this missing crate, and Lucifer investigates it, he reveals what was inside; his angelic wings. In the end, it turns out that Amenadiel orchestrated the theft of the wings in an attempt to get Lucifer to miss them, remember who he was, and take up his mantle one more as the ruler of Hell. This backfires terribly, however, and, while he admits that he did keep them as an out of his life on Earth, Lucifer instead burns his wings to ash, intent on never returning to Hell ever again.

Abilities/Special Powers:

Immortality - Under normal circumstances, Lucifer cannot die. He loses his immortality in the presence of Chloe Decker.
Invulnerability - Under normal circumstances, Lucifer is immune to damage. He is able to be harmed in the presence of Chloe Decker, though at his canon point, he hasn’t yet realized that he retains this ability when she’s not around. He can also be harmed by otherworldly blades, such as the ones carried by Maze, which were forged in Hell. While these blades would have been able to kill a lesser angel, it’s unknown whether or not Lucifer himself could be killed by one. He simply admitted that it would ‘prick.’
Supernatural Strength - Lucifer was able to throw a man 30 feet through a glass wall with a simple shove, as an example.
Supernatural Reflexes - Beyond being able to easily catch weapons thrown in mid-air and fight off groups of people at once without breaking a sweat, Lucifer can also remain at normal speed when time is slowed to a crawl by other angels.
Desire Exhibition - Simply by pressing his will upon them, Lucifer can provoke someone into revealing their deepest, darkest desires. The more complicated the individual’s personality, the more resistant they are at first, though the only person who has been able to prevent themselves from divulging has been Chloe Decker, who is completely unaffected.
Temptation Inducement - Lucifer is able to make most people (both women and men) find him sexually irresistible. People tend to stumble over themselves talking to him, as if they simply cannot help themselves. He describes himself as walking heroine, saying that sleeping with him is addictive and ‘never ends well.’ He does use this ability to his benefit in coercing answers or making deals. Chloe Decker is also (mostly) immune to this.
Shape-shifting - Lucifer spends most of his time in his human form of a dark, tall and handsome 30-something. When he wants to intimidate someone, he shows them his hellish form, a man with red, peeling skin, glowing blood red eyes and a terrifying visage. We’ve yet to see his angelic form. Showing someone his demonic form often drives them insane.
Teleportation - Lucifer is shown inside of a house moments after being left locked in a police car. It is assumed that he teleported inside.

Note: I realize that some of these abilities are rather god-moddy. As such, I am perfectly fine with him being power-neutered to prevent this. In the event that you feel I don’t need to do that, I will definitely be using permissions posts.

Third-Person Sample:

Lucifer’s first day in Wonderland was something of a rollercoaster, to say the very least.

At first, he found the whole thing utterly fascinating. He roamed the halls with his eyes wide and a faint smile on his face, like a child who had walked into a candy store for the very first time. After all, Lucifer had been alive a very long time, seen more things than anyone rightly should, and he’d never experienced anything like this. An otherworldly kidnapping of one of the most powerful angels in existence was possibly even more interesting than his recent mortality issues, and the two combined were, well, a rush.

Besides, it wasn’t every day that you got sucked into a storybook, now was it. Well, other than the bible, of course, since he sort of lived that one. Even if it was horrifically inaccurate.

Regardless, as the day wore on, Wonderland quickly began to lose its charm, especially considering that he had no idea who might be responsible. The more he spoke to others, the more he realized that no one knew anything else either. Nothing concrete, anyway. And while at first he wrote that off as other people simply being incapable, it also became apparent that there were others here who were quite powerful and beyond human, and they were stuck here just as he was, floundering and confused.

He had to wonder if God were to blame for all of this, too. In the end, though, it didn’t seem like his style. Too outside the box, not enough knife twisting.

Anger began to bubble up inside him, but he shoved it down. If he was going to be here for the foreseeable future, at least it wasn’t Hell. And while he was certainly…displeased to be trapped in yet another sort of prison, he escaped his first one just fine, and no doubt he would find his way out of this one as well. He was the Devil, after all.

In the meantime, he might as well enjoy himself. Thoroughly.

First-Person Sample:

Now, I get what you were going for here, but I must say, it’s just not working for me at all. Where’s the music? The entertainment? The escapism? Most people go to a bar to get away from their problems and the mediocrity of their lives, not to be surrounded by another place equally drab and boring!

[Lucifer is clearly at the bar, and while it’s likely quite lovely and fine, this is The Devil we’re talking about. He’s not satisfied with much that he doesn’t do himself.]

This won’t do at all! Do you even have anyone hooking up in this bar or does everyone walk back to their rooms sad, alone and feeling sorry for themselves? It’s pathetic, really.

[Suddenly, he appears as if he’s had a revelation of sorts, though honestly he probably started this knowing exactly where he was taking it.]

Never fear, citizens of Wonderland. I’ll make sure you’re all able to partake in some real debauchery very soon.


Third Person Sample

Lucifer seemed to dislike this place more and more with each passing moment these days.

It wasn't that he was bored, though he'd be happy to blame it on that. Events kept him on his toes, but that annoyed him more than anything else, especially when it completely scrambled his memories. Nothing had ever been able to toy with his very mind like that until now, and he despised it in a way that couldn't be described with human language.

It wasn't the company he kept. He actually quite enjoyed a number of people that lived in this place, enough so that if he ever found a way to leave, he might actually miss them. That was another new one; he didn't get particularly attached to humans in a way that lingered, generally. It was a rather new experience for him, especially in the numbers recently.

No, it wasn't those things at all, even if they rubbed him in strange and sometimes unpleasurable ways. It was the fact that, no matter what he might try, he couldn't find a single shred of hope that he might escape on his own terms. He couldn't get away from anyone for any length of time if they grated on his patience, he couldn't travel, he couldn't play the chessboard the way he so liked to. There wasn't enough to bet not, not nearly enough people for any of it to matter, and he hated not mattering.

Part of him wanted to, well, play devil's advocate so to speak, and yet another part of him couldn't take that step, couldn't uproot the lives of some of those who had settled here, who had nothing to go back to.

That was another thing he didn't quite know how to deal with. He cared.

He wanted it to stop.

First Person Sample

[He addresses the network with a glass of whiskey that has seemingly been filled to the brim more than a few times if the half emtpy bottle on the bar behind him is any indication.

It's hard to get drunk when you're the Devil.]

Well, that was new. Nothing like a complete brain scramble as a quaint little reality check. I can deal with the monster of the week nasties, but turning me into a teenaged human? That has to be the new definition of low blow.

[He knocks back his entire drink in one go.]

If anyone wants to share this bottle, I completely understand. I wouldn't complain if anyone was up for a nicer kind of low blow either. I'll even reciprocate.


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